When you sign on with any of our medical plans, you immediately gain a wealth of additional services at no extra cost.  In fact, your employees can earn back as much as one third of their out-of-pocket expenses through these services alone.

Designed Portfolio

These value-added services can play a major role in keeping your engineering firm healthy, active and productive.

  • Designed Wellness. A wellness program with everything from a helpful app to personal coaching, to cash incentives to help employees get healthy and stay healthy.
  • Designed Virtual Care. A breadth of telehealth services, from diagnoses for common conditions to confidential counseling seven days a week.
  • Designed Advocate. Experts on hand to help your employees understand their benefits, find care, compare prices and ensure they are not overcharged.


An online enrollment and eligibility system that saves you time by allowing employees to log in and enroll themselves. This program is usually only available to firms with 750 employees or more.

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