Designed Advocate

It’s stressful navigating health care  from finding the right doctor, to understanding what’s covered by your insurance, to solving billing problems. Designed Advocate provides personal advisors – real humans you and your employees can talk to via phone or email – who work with you one-on-one and stick with you until questions are answered and issues are resolved.

Sophisticated technology pairs you with the advocate who is best able to understand your situation. They are experts  including nurses, pharmacists and medical directors  who can help you and your employees reap the full benefits of your health care plan, potentially saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And as a Trust member firm, you have access to Designed Advocate for no additional cost.

How It Helps Employees

  • Get all questions answered on your insurance benefits.
  • Find the best doctors, dentists and eye care professionals for you.
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars by getting price comparisons on doctors, procedures and prescriptions.
  • Get expert help reviewing your medical bills to ensure you never get overcharged.

How It Helps Your Firm

  • Reduce calls to your HR department.
  • Increase employee satisfaction with their health plan.
  • Reduce medical and pharmaceutical costs.
  • Find and decrease gaps in care.

Designed Advocate has a 93% overall satisfaction rating among UnitedHealthcare users.

On a UnitedHealthcare plan?

You’re already opted in. To connect with an Advocate4Me® Advocate, just call the number on the back of your UnitedHealthcare® ID card.

Designed Advocate is supported by the services and technology of UnitedHealthcare’s Advocate4Me® program.