October 7, 2020

On average, you'll only gain about a pound during the holidays, but for most people, that pound never comes off, and the weight can add up over the years.

So join our Maintain Don't Gain Challenge to amp up your physical activity, improve your healthy eating habits and keep off that extra pound – with a chance to win up to $25.

Know the Basics

  • Registration begins Nov. 9.
  • The challenge runs Nov. 16 – Dec. 11.
  • Employees and spouses are eligible to participate individually or on a team of up to 10 members.
  • To get rewarded, track your Get Active and Eat Healthy activities for at least 15 days of the challenge.
    • Basic Plan: 25 points
    • Premier Plan: $25
    • Accountable Health Improvement Plan: $25
  • Top the leaderboard.
    • The 25 individuals who top the leaderboard with the highest average wellness points at the end of the challenge will receive a $25 Amazon gift card from ACEC Life/Health Trust.

Sign Up

  • Registration begins Nov. 9.
  • Log in to DesignedWellness.RedBrickHealth.com.
  • Look for the Maintain Don't Gain Challenge at the top of your homepage.
  • Click on the challenge name and join as an individual or assemble a team of up to 10 colleagues or spouses.
    • Join a team: Select the team you'd like to join from the list. If it says Invite Only, you'll have to enter a code provided by the team captain that's inviting you to join their private team. All other teams are public, and you can simply click on the team name and follow the prompts to join.
    • Create a team: Select Create your own. You'll be asked to create your team name and enter a description, and then you'll choose a team icon and background color. Choose to make your team public or private. If you set up a private team, you'll create an invitation code to provide others so they can join your team.

Track Exercise

  • Log in to your Designed Wellness account to track your activities. Everything counts, from taking a walk after a family gathering to swapping holiday punch for water or fitting in an extra portion of veggies!
  • Record your Get Active and Eat Healthy activities in RedBrick Track® or within the challenge.
  • The Track tool and challenge share the information, so you don’t need to record your activity in more than one place.
  • The challenge is based on the average of recorded activity entered by each team, so every team has an equal chance of success regardless of team size.
  • Use the RedBrick Track® tool to view or edit your tracked activity anytime during the challenge.