We’re upgrading to a new web portal for Designed Wellness! This transition offers extra perks, but may also change your firm’s schedule for earning and redeeming wellness rewards. We’re easing the transition with some extra opportunities for rewards.

Perks of the new portal: Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is replacing RedBrick Health as our Designed Wellness portal. We chose Virgin Pulse for a number of advantages it will bring you.

  • More options. You have more opportunity to personalize your experience – choose from new topics like stress, resilience, and even financial health. Individuals can take challenges on by themselves, with a friend or with the entire firm.
  • More customizable at a firm level. Your Designed Wellness Champion can customize programs, events and more for your entire firm via the portal.
  • More friends. Each individual member can invite up to 10 friends and family members to use the portal and join challenges.
  • More to come. Virgin Pulse is continuously adding new features to improve your experience.

Your rewards schedule may change – but we’ll ease the transition

Moving forward, all rewards schedules will be based on the calendar year. This may affect the availability of your rewards program for the first year, depending on what time of year your renewal is.

Firms who renew in January – July

Your RedBrick Health access will end on Dec. 31, 2020, so employees and their spouses will still have the rest of the year to earn their cash rewards – up to $600 in the Premiere Plan or $800 in the AHIP Plan. You’ll start your new program via Virgin Pulse in 2021.

Firms who renew in August – December

Your RedBrick Health access will end on July 1, 2020. Employees and their spouses will have until that date to earn the first half of their cash rewards ($300 for the Premiere Plan or $400 for AHIP). To cover you during the transition, you’ll have access to a bonus program through the Virgin Pulse portal starting Aug. 1. This bonus program will allow your employees and their spouses to earn the remaining half of their cash rewards ($300 or $400, respectively).

A successful program, about to get even better

Check out some of the testimonials from our April Wellness Challenge. With the switch to Virgin Pulse, there’s only more greatness to come.

“The challenge was helpful while following the 'shelter in place' guidelines, and it helped me to look at my goals and get creative to make sure I was investing in my health and fitness. I am more conscious of what I have control over to help me reach my personal goal to stay healthy and happy in these times.”

“I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October, and this was another opportunity to continue to self-motivate my workouts, improve my eating habits, and progress toward completing my first marathon.”

“Combined with the easier access to exercise while working remotely, competing in the challenge helped me lose 10 pounds over the past month and helped me get into a routine of walking with my family each day.”


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