Loyalty Credit: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s ACEC Life/Health Trust’s mission to support both the physical and financial health of your firm. So, we’re grateful to be able to credit a percentage of your premium back to you to help during this difficult time.

Q: Are all firms in ACEC Life/Health Trust receiving the Loyalty Credit?
A: Yes, all firms active in ACEC Life/Health Trust as of August 1, 2020 will receive the Loyalty Credit.

Q: What if my firm is new to the Trust?
We're extending this Loyalty Credit to our newest members in the form of a percentage discount. Any firm that joins ACEC Life/Health Trust on or before Aug. 1 will receive 20% off their first month's premium.

Q: How much will my firm’s Loyalty Credit be?
A: The amount received by each firm is a percentage of that policyholder’s average monthly insurance premium owed for the first quarter of 2020. To find out your firm’s loyalty credit amount, you can send an email to info@aceclifehealthtrust.com. New firms who have just joined (on or before Aug. 1) will receive 20% off their first month's premium.

Q: Do I need to do anything to receive my firm’s Loyalty Credit?
A: No. Loyalty Credits will automatically be applied to your August 2020 invoice.

Q: Where will I see the Loyalty Credit?
A: You will see the Loyalty Credit on your August 2020 medical insurance invoice.

Q: If my firm pays our insurance premium in advance, how will we receive the Loyalty Credit?
A: Firms who pay their insurance premium in advance will receive their credit on their next invoice.

Q: Can my firm receive a check instead of a credit?
A: No. The intent is to provide the Loyalty Credit in the most cost-efficient manner – applied as an invoice credit to upcoming bills.

Q: How will my firm be affected by the UnitedHealthcare announcement of the $1.5 billion of support in response to COVID-19?
UnitedHealthcare’s (UHC) announcement included a commitment to provide a credit ranging from 5% to 20%, applied to fully insured premium billings received in June. Because of our Minimum Premium Agreement directly with UHC, we are uncertain what percentage credit, if any, may be applied to Life/Health Trust firms.

Q: Does the Loyalty Credit increase the likelihood ACEC Life/Health Trust rates will be increased in the near future?
A: No. Future rates are based on expected future costs. The Loyalty Credit will have no impact on future rates.

Q: Do we have to renew our policy to obtain the credit?
A: No. All firms active in the Trust will receive the Loyalty Credit, and future renewals will not be impacted by this credit.

Q: My employees make shared contributions. How will they receive benefits from the Loyalty Credit?
A: You will need to communicate to your individual employees based on your own company policies regarding any shared contributions or policies.

Q: If shelter-in-place continues for an extended period of time, should we expect additional Loyalty Credits?
A: Additional credits are not expected at this time, but we’ll continue to analyze the need and possibility.

Q: If we have questions regarding our August invoice, whom do we call?
A: For questions on invoicing, firms can reach out to the following:
• United Healthcare Billing: 1-888-842-4571
• AETNA/Meritain Billing: 1-800-828-6922

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