April 8, 2020 - April Leonard

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – a great time to take advantage of the confidential counseling now available through our new Designed Virtual Care. Previously known as Designed Telehealth, Designed Virtual Care extends beyond consultations for common conditions the flu, bronchitis and allergies. Now, in addition to being able to talk to a doctor 24/7, you can also enjoy:

  1. Confidential counseling 7 days a week. Our professionals are available to talk when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, down or not like yourself.
  2. Relief from skin issues. Upload photos of your condition to the app and get a treatment plan from a dermatologist within two business days.
  3. Back care. Relieve your back pain through guided videos with a certified health coach for free.
  4. Specialist medical advice. Get a second opinion on an existing diagnosis and treatment for more serious conditions for free.

All these programs can be accessed from your HealthiestYou app – same great app, now with more services! Learn more about Designed Virtual Care.

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